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by brainamp (brainamp)
at January 20th, 2008 (03:30 pm)

Miss Awesome had been frozen in time for far too long, staring down at the gorge. She quickly sped up her mop and dug into one of her bottom-less pockets. Such pockets were necessary for a superhero, Miss Awesome thought, and always had several on her at one time.

As she sped towards the bottom of the endless gorge, Miss Awesome saw a small pinprick of a figure inthe distance. TWO figures in fact, as it was the Carbinator and the little old lady. Kicking the mop up to Mach 3, Miss Awesome sped up until she zoomed past them at three times the speed of sound. She quickly reached the bottom of the gorge, just as her hand in her pocket felt the inflatable trampoline.

She stepped off the mop which was hovering above the ground and stared at the red button on the inflatable trampoline. Was she supposed to press it? Red buttons were always risky things. MIss Awesome stared up... They had been falling for a long time. It was time to save them. She pressed the button and the trampoline popped out of nowhere...

EPISODE THREE - The Older Lady (Part 2)
by brainamp (brainamp)
at July 28th, 2006 (10:33 pm)
SUPER: hot

While the Carbinator is flying her chair, I sitting halfway across the world (really on across town) enjoying my summer vacation. When suddenly, my telepathic two way walkie talkie picks up a plea.

"Help me!"

I quickly rush to where the voice is coming from on my mop. What do I find... a really comfortable chair flying over a gorge. Wait... what? The chair is suddenly talking?

"Down here you bilious pigeon!" cried a small voice.

Someone should put a dunce cap on my head. I had forgotten all about chair gremlins. You know, those little annoying things that take your seat as soon as you get up to go get a drink or cupcake or whatever.

After conversing with the creature for several seconds, I finally realised that it was scared of heights and helped it onto my shoulder. Then it hit me... flying chair... flying, comfortable chair... THE CARBINATOR! I deduced from my surroundings that obviously the Carbinator had been flying in this chair, saw and old lady who had been in need of help for over a month and was hanging from a gorge, gone to save, found her too heavy, and plummeted to her death at the bottom of the rocky gorge.

Janeeee [userpic]
by Janeeee (kurorin)
at July 28th, 2006 (08:42 pm)

SUPER: anxious
DUNNUNUN: Thriller; Michael Jackson

"What's this!?" I stand up from my very cozy chair. I didn't want to stand up, but when someone cries for help sitting is not an option.

Of course, when you're sitting in a flying chair, standing is not an option either. Unfortunatly due to my eagerness to help an innocent person, I forgot this little fact.

As I begin to plumet, I remember: I CAN FLY DAMMIT.

Acting upon this thought, I fly towards where the cry for help came from. Since it's me, I get lost several times, forget that my chair is still flying away and that theres a cat on my head.

This is not the point.

When I reach the place where the woman is, I swoop down and assess the situation. "It seems you're going to fall miss," I tell her, in case she doesn't already know. Very superhero-like, I pick her up and make an attempt to fly away...

... Unfortunatly she's much heavier than I would have anticipated...

... And so begins the falling...

Ipuchan [userpic]
by Ipuchan (ipuchan)
at June 13th, 2006 (01:26 am)


the cry echoes across the canyon of sandstone bluffs!


The source of the weakening cry is an older woman, of diginified bulk who is precariously clinging to the sole tree on the almost completely barren landscape. The woman is almost blending into her surroundings with her sandy hair and cream coloured sundress.

Her cry is getting quieter, she is losing the will to fight...

Janeeee [userpic]
by Janeeee (kurorin)
at May 30th, 2006 (04:08 pm)

. . .

A fight against the heat

. . .

Is not a fight to be won.

Janeeee [userpic]
LIFE LESSON 1 : Where to find math
by Janeeee (kurorin)
at May 23rd, 2006 (08:17 pm)
FOUND AT: Canada
SUPER: bouncy
DUNNUNUN: My Girlfriend who lives in Canada; Avenue Q

Have you ever sat in math class and wondered "Why is a parabole so important?" or "When will I ever use the qudratic funtion in real life?" or "Who uses trig?" well... I've come to you with a simple answer to these questions... well, parabole's are used in sewing but...

When fighting crime it's always good to know how to find the other X using x equals negative b plus/minus the square root of b squared minus four times a times c divided by two times a. That could be where your foe is hiding after all! And honestly... who doesn't use trig? EVERYONE needs to know how to find the missing angle or side using the very useful cosin, sin and tan!

In fact, they're something like best friends to your friendly neighbourhood superhero!

And thats a fact!




Janeeee [userpic]
SiDE ADVENTURE ONE: Fucking idiots.
by Janeeee (kurorin)
at May 9th, 2006 (04:14 pm)
FOUND AT: Cafe outside the outskirts of your farthest town
SUPER: better
DUNNUNUN: Everything You Know Is Wrong; Weird Al

It was a day like any other day. Well, a day off like any other day off.

And by "day off" I mean nobody had done anything note worthy.

Besides the point.

Well, you see I was on my way to buy some... well, I don't rightly remember. But I was out to buy something. What it was? Hell if I remember.

However, it was quite nice. Now, not one of those times where I would say "and by quite nice I mean it was raining times Jesus". OH NO. It was one of those very nice days, sun shining down.

But I'm straying from the point.

So I was out buying something on this quite nice day when I walk by a group of kids. They seemed harmless enough, I mean... they were kids.

Now, I don't remember what they said. But whatever it was, it made me freeze in my steps. No longer could I hear... it was all just so...


My first reaction?

I slapped those estie-du-saint-sacrement from there to Kingdom Come.

And told them to bitch off too.

The moral of the story? Don't be stupid.

A superhero's war against stupidity is never ending.

FLASHBACK TWO - Miss Awesome's Beginnings (Part 1)
by brainamp (brainamp)
at May 7th, 2006 (07:27 pm)
SUPER: hopeful

I wasn't always a superhero. There was a time when I was just a normal kid named Miss Pennypepperpep. I went to school, had good grades, was nice to everyone who worshipped me, and was probably the most popular kid in super school.

So you're probably wondering, "What the fuck is super school?" Well super school is where children with special or uncanny abilities go. There are several around the world. Ours is one of the most famous (third only to that monastery in Tibet where Batman trained and Hogwarts).

Superior Academia was where most of the special children in the Western Hemisphere ended up. It was located on an unplottable island on the Canadian half of Lake Superior (because who would suspect Canada to have a cool school like that?). It had turned out some of the most famous and infamous superhero/ villains of history, including the famous Spiderman (he didn't become one on his own) and Merlin, and the infamous Hitler and Lord Durham. Even Lord Voldebread (GASP! Yes!) attended Superior Academia.

On the very first day at Superior Academia every student undergoes a test to see which side of the school they will be placed on. The test involves a crying child, a lollypop, and a rock. I think you can put two and two together.

So depending on what you choose to do, you are placed on either the hero side or the villian. And lets get this straight, heroes don't interact with villians. It's just unacceptable. The only time interaction is allowed is during games of full contact, tackle quidditch. And then it's usually to beat the other side up.

I was of course, placed on the hero side for my good deed during the test. I guess that sort of surprised everyone, because my special power was the ability to communicate with nocturnal animals (an ability generally associated with evil). Despite this ability, I was an instant favourite of everyone. I was a madly awesome quidditch player too. I couldn't fly like many of the others, but I rode a broom like I could. I was at the top of the world.

At least I was... until that fateful day.

Janeeee [userpic]
FLASHBACK ONE: Carbinator's Beginnings [Part One]
by Janeeee (kurorin)
at May 6th, 2006 (01:30 pm)
FOUND AT: Memory Lane
SUPER: amused
DUNNUNUN: Being; Kotoko

You know, it's always good to know where your superheroes come from.

I didn't start off as a superhero, or even a hero. No, indeed I used to be a citizen just like you.

And but like you, I mean I was like you only if you're an evil genius. Yes, small children I used to be the ultimate villian. Well... almost. But you don't need to know that.

The drama, the idoicy, the... poses all of it used to insult me. Insult me to my core. But... Not anymore. That flashy lights, and 5 minute changing scene would make me want to puke... Until I saw the light. Or the dark rather.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning?

I used to be a supervillian... Or... well, so I thought. I was second only to my teacher, who was second only to Lord Voldebread. You'd never think a loaf of bread could be that evil... but well, I guess thats why he is the way he is. I don't know, I try not to take too much time getting into their minds.

"MIN-- I mean... Uhh... FUZZYMONKEYPAWS," my teacher would call (he/she/it had a very loud voice, I don't know why they would yell). I would always come running, normally inbetween one of my chores. "Remember, when thinking up an evil plot, you must get into the mind of your enemy... you must become your enemy, you must eat your enemy's breakfast cereal, and wear their clothes..." I heard this rant everyday since I got here... Man, it was super creepy.

"You're very strange, sir," I would say. He'd continue on. He wouldn't/couldn't hear a word until he was done. I'm pretty sure if a superhero found out about it they'd be able to beat him instantly. Whatever, it's not important.

It was a day... just like any other day, and me and my teacher were sitting at breakfast. And by sitting I mean we were on the ceiling. He liked to eat upside down. I did not particularily enjoy this aspect of life as a supervillian... but it didn't matter. I couldn't say anything against it or else he would rant about it. I hated it when he ranted. In the underground they gave him a cute nickname, Sir Rantsalot. Anyways, we were in the middle of breakfast when he stands up suddenly and looks at me with that look that either says he wants to eat my children or is trying to kill me with his eyes. Either way, it's a look that say I've done something wrong. Of course, by standing up he's falling off the ceiling allowing him to land in quite a humorous way on the floor. This was somewhat unusal for him to do as normally I was the one to do that. But apparently today it was my day to get up calmly and float down to the floor (we could both fly... it's pretty magic).

"... So, s'up?" I asked. He was still giving me that look. My head hurts, I think he has psychic powers or something.

"Lord Voldebread is coming to do. We're having a scheming session."

"Oh." Is pretty much all I have to say. What the hell am I supposed to say to that? "FTW"? I think NOT.

"He shall be arriving soon. And he doesn't like to sit on tables on the ceiling, so unfortunatly you shall have to remove all our tables from the ceiling."

I shrug. What else was new?

So I went about my duty of removing tables. Strangely enough, they always managed to land on my teachers head...

Special 3 - What Superhero's Do On Their Days Off
by brainamp (brainamp)
at May 6th, 2006 (09:22 am)
FOUND AT: Basement of School House
SUPER: bitchy

Okay, so you might be saying, "WHAT? Superhero's don't get days off! They have to save the world everyday!" You know what I say to that? Yeah, fuck you! I don't get payed to do this! Batman and his cool gadjets can take over for now.

So, what do I do on my days off? I sit and do nothing. It's really boring when there is no one to save. I think I might go play a game or go back to bed. One of the two. Or maybe I should shower. Mmmmm. Shower.

Anyways, on our days off we're just like normal people, except we have special powers that make us slightly superior to normal people. So we still pwn you all. Isn't that nice to know?

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